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Late Season Timber Hunt Buck with 8 Inch Bases

This week we are going to share with you some late-season success that Seth Harker had. It wasn't over cut corn, a field full of soybeans, or a lush clover field. This hunt started a couple of weeks ago when a familiar buck showed back up on the farm. A large winter flock of turkeys led Seth away from the destination food plot and back into the red oaks.

Years ago a TSI project was completed in this area that released the black oaks and red oaks in this particular portion of the farm. With a strong crop of red oak acorns this year, this area was going to be feeding a lot of game species. The flock of turkeys confirmed this and Seth moved in and had one of the most memorable hunts he has had to date.

This buck had 8-inch bases and it offered Seth a shot after pushing every buck out of the area. Most hunters would have missed this late-season opportunity however December, for the prepared and conscious hunter, can mean success each and every year. Take a listen and hopefully you gain some useful tips!

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