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Land Management vs. Herd Management

Like many podcast topics, this podcast has been brewing for many weeks. Now is the time to address the commonly used phrase "Oh, that farm is managed." Management of a property falls on a spectrum. It's important to identify what kind of management is being utilized and to what degree. On this podcast, we talk about why land management and herd management are necessary to be completed by every landowner.
Land management consists of manipulating the land and natural resources on the property specifically the flora or naturally occurring vegetation while herd management manages the wildlife population and individuals that make up the population. If you're only managing the herd, you're shorting yourself and irresponsibly owning the land. If you're only managing the land and not the herd, you are actually doing an injustice to the herd, because they can't manage themselves. Land management and herd management must be utilized together to create the best property possible. If you're doing one or the other, you're missing out. It's simply not either-or, it's both.
Be sure to give this podcast a listen but don't just listen, apply the knowledge you have learned to your property, and share with those who need to consider doing the same thing!
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