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Managing For Improved Age Structures

It's herd management season not hunting season! Little did you know we came right out of land management season and straight into another season of managing our natural resources. Although we are excited about the opportunity to hunt, this week's podcast is devoted to a deeper understanding of what hunting season, in the eyes of a land manager, means.
So many times we are caught up in the rat race of developing a hit list that we forget it's our job, our duty, in the name of conservation, to manage the herd in relation to the habitat. We've also commonly misunderstood the relationship of age class in determining big buck status. This podcast is a deep dive into the science and importance behind the age structure and population dynamics of your herd.
This perspective on deer season will hopefully realign your goals and outlooks for the season. Big bucks are fun to chase but we miss the ball when that's all our focus is directed towards. Thanks for listening!
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