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Our Outlook on a New Lease

On this week's podcast, Adam and Matt discuss the opportunity to head west to Oklahoma for this hunting season. Many consultations have led us to the great state of Oklahoma to work and improve habitat in every region of the state. After getting a call from a client offering to take us hunting this year on a new lease, we quickly accepted the invitation. This podcast is a before and after of the first site visit on this new lease. You will hear of our expectations of the property and then our plans after touring the property.
Each year trophy deer are taken from every portion of the state. Where we will be hunting is a managed waterfowl property, however the opportunities for whitetails are still very high. We break down season dates and based on the site visit, our plan of attack to capitalize on this new property for the fall of 2020. We will likely be hunting whitetails and wild hogs with archery, muzzleloader, and rifles. We will be hunting Missouri as well but look forward to the opportunities that lie ahead for the Land & Legacy team. Thanks for listening!