You are currently viewing Podcast #74:  Fall Food Plot Fanatics

Podcast #74: Fall Food Plot Fanatics

It's hard to believe but fall food plot time is rapidly approaching for many whitetail hunters and land managers across the country. Most will admit this pre-season ritual is the final nail in the coffin for preparations before bow season opens. Thousands of food plot acres will be planted this fall, some will be successful while some fail. Others will only provide temporary attraction while others will provide high-quality forage for many months.

This week we cover the Food Plot QDMA Module as well as introduce several new seed blends from Stratton Seed Company. We go all in and discuss why each seed variety is apart of each blend. Every blend achieves a different goal and provides options for forages. Be sure to choose the right forage for your situation. Understand what the area is lacking and base your decision from there. Best of luck during the fall food plot window! Enjoy. Learn. Share! #ForLoveoftheLand

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