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Strategy and Setup for Arrowing Homegrown Bucks

Opening Day of bow season is just under a month away! September 15th opens archery season for us here in Missouri and we can't wait! In this podcast, we are going to tell you all about the bucks that we will be chasing after this fall on the Prairie Hollow Property.
We have had several different encounters over the past seasons with these bucks that have helped us develop a plan to harvest these bucks this fall! We have picked up on their patterns with data we have collected from our trail cameras. We are going to discuss, in this podcast, exact plans including food resources, winds, locations, access, and times to avoid certain areas. With all of this information, we have developed our hunting strategy for this fall!
We hope you will sit back and listen to how past encounters with these bucks have impacted our hunting strategies and how we manage the land. We wish you a safe hunting season and the best of luck from us here at Land & Legacy.

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