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We Are Losing Quail Habitat at Alarming Rates

On this week's podcast, Matt and Frank discuss the recent trends in bobwhite quail numbers. This podcast should wake you up! Not with excitement, but with a cause to care. Although quail are still found in decent numbers across some portions of their historic ranges, vast amounts of the range are quiet each summer. There are no more whistles occurring. Pennsylvania has even considered the bobwhite quail extirpated from the state. Why is no one doing anything about this?

Land & Legacy is not going to sit back and watch a beloved icon of North America's game species dwindle into oblivion. Such little quail habitat remains across the landscape currently that if you do routinely see quail, you are most likely encountering an isolated population, dependent solely upon the habitat they persist within. Outside of these areas, the population you witness would cease to exist. It is time that hunters and conservationists step up to the plate and take a swing at bringing back bobwhite quail numbers.

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