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You think CRP is Good? Just Wait!

What does CRP mean to you? Do you think of dense tree plantings or a mix of warm-season grasses among a vast number of tillable acres? Did you know this program was initiated to reduce erosion and improve water quality? You can learn this and much more about the ways to improve CRP land for various wildlife species during this week's podcast.

The role that CRP has played over the years has drastically improved the number of acres available for upland bird species to reproduce. The wide variety of wildlife species that have benefited from this conservation program is long. However, despite all of these positives, we know that it can be improved. This week, we spend an hour discussing the details of CRP and how it can be greatly improved to offer more forage and cover. Areas dominated in grasses only provide cover, but no forage. There are a number of techniques that can be used like, dormant season discing, herbicide application, pollinator plantings, surrogate shrub placements, and even legume plantings to provide a remedy for this problem. These techniques will improve the reproduction rates of quail, pheasants, rabbits, and whitetail deer. If you want to see CRP come alive, check out this podcast! Be sure to share with someone who is looking to enroll in CRP this year.

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