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Hindsight is 20/20: Mistakes on the Land

On this week's podcast, you will hear from Adam and Chad who openly discuss failures. Yes, that's right! We haven't always gotten it right. Failures lead to the biggest improvements. This path is not linear but through failure, you learn how to improve.
You'll hear of all the hair-brained ideas and poor land improvement practices implemented such as deep tillage, hinge cutting, road layout, and many other things. Despite these practices being poor decisions, they were also completed at randomness. We had no plan to follow and often found ourselves randomly working on the weekends with no direction. This resulted in frustrations and yielded little results.
Now we have realized the importance of developing a plan, sticking to a plan, and most importantly tracking the time to document progress with before and after photos and journaling the success. If you're not taking time to observe, then you're not taking time to learn. Don't look back three years from now and wish that you had done things differently. We hope this podcast encourages you to look deeper into how you spend time on your property and where you spend it. Thanks for listening!

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