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Ohio Update: New Ownership – New Goals

On this week's podcast, we review updates from a recent consulting trip to a familiar property in southeast Ohio. This property over the years has been a frequent podcast topic as many changes have occurred. One of the largest changes to occur on the property is the change in ownership. Yes, that's right! The property sold and has been bought by a family of hunters who now live full time on the property.
Despite the already improved and highly managed habitat across the property, this farm is still being worked aggressively. The new owners have more time being a resident on the property to improve and make an impact. One of the other large changes is the sheer number of hunters that are now on the property. Most of the family are of age or have the interest to hunt. This means we have to address the property to fix those needs. In the last 5-6 months, we have worked diligently to improve access across the property so it can accommodate the more intense hunting pressure. In addition, we have increased the useable space by adding cover everywhere, Roughly 20 acres of clear cuts have been implemented and over 15 acres of native grasses and forb blends have been planted as well as many areas of old field been introduced or managed.
It's important to remember our landscape can handle the change. Oftentimes, the land being manipulated is not the limiting factor. We find in most cases, it's the owner's unwillingness for change that limits the progress on a property. Don't be afraid of change. See how this family is improving their land by embracing the changes to the landscape.

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